UK Skilled Worker Visa

This Worker Visa is designed for those seeking to enter or remain in the UK for employment purposes with an employer authorized by the Home Office.

Qualification Criteria:

To be eligible for the Professional Work Permit, applicants are required to:
– Be employed by a UK entity that has received Home Office sanction.
– Possess an employer-issued ‘certificate of sponsorship’ with details about your UK employment offer.
– Engage in a profession included on the Home Office’s roster of qualifying jobs.
– Earn a salary that meets or surpasses the specified minimum for your job category.


– Engage in approved professional activities.
– Undertake academic pursuits.
– Relocate to the UK with your partner and children, provided they meet dependency criteria.
– In specific instances, pursue additional employment opportunities.
– Travel internationally with the liberty to return to the UK.
– Aim for permanent residency (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’) after a continuous 5-year stay, provided all conditions are met.

English Language Competency:

Applicants must demonstrate the ability to communicate in English, encompassing speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension. Evidence of English proficiency is typically required during the application process.


The duration of the permit is capped at 5 years, after which you must apply for an extension or update your permit if there is a change in your employment or employer.

Pathway to Permanent Residence:

Post a 5-year tenure in the UK, there is a potential pathway to apply for indefinite leave to remain, offering permanent residence rights and, if eligible, access to public welfare programs.

Application Review Timeline:

– For applications submitted from outside the UK, a decision is usually reached within 3 weeks.
– For those applying within the UK, the process may take up to 8 weeks.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

Our role at Nexus Law Firm is to ease the path to obtaining your UK Skilled Worker Visa. Our skilled professionals are equipped to help you acquire the requisite ‘certificate of sponsorship’ and confirm that your role aligns with eligible occupations. We are committed to ensuring that your salary meets the statutory requirements and support you in establishing your proficiency in English. From the initial stages of application to subsequent renewals or modifications of your permit, our guidance is tailored to simplify your UK immigration journey, ensuring a seamless transition to achieving your professional objectives in the UK.

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