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The UK’s Senior or Specialist Worker visa is crafted for individuals employed by entities recognized by the Home Office. Eligibility hinges on possessing a certificate of sponsorship, engaging in an approved job, and receiving an annual salary of at least £45,800. The length of stay is outlined in the certificate of sponsorship, capped at 5 years, with extension possibilities. Stays are length-adjusted based on salary brackets. Applicants must apply online, and dependents are permitted to accompany them. This visa authorizes employment, study, travel, and volunteer work, though it prohibits accessing substantial public funds and swapping jobs without proper authorization.


  • Sponsorship Criterion: You should be currently employed by a Home Office-recognized sponsor.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship: A certificate from your employer detailing your UK job is required.
  • Occupation Criteria: You must hold a position that is listed as eligible by the Home Office.
  • Salary Threshold: Your role should provide an annual salary of no less than £45,800.


  • Employment Rights: You may work in the specified role with your sponsoring employer.
  • Study Options: Engaging in educational courses or programs is permitted.
  • Dependent’s Entry: Partners and children may accompany you, potentially working or studying.
  • Voluntary Contributions: You can participate in voluntary work beyond your main employment.
  • International Travel: Freely travel and re-enter the UK, maintaining your visa status, thus offering convenience for international visits.

How long you can stay?

Your permitted tenure on a Senior or Specialist Worker visa is dictated by your certificate of sponsorship plus an additional 14 days, not exceeding a 5-year threshold. Extensions and subsequent visas are possible within the overall allowed duration of stay.

Processing time

Application turnaround for a Senior or Specialist Worker visa fluctuates, taking about 3 weeks for overseas applications and approximately 8 weeks for in-country applications. Some applicants may opt for a faster process for an extra charge where available.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

Nexus Law Firm stands as a pivotal support in acquiring a Senior or Specialist Worker visa. Their adept immigration advisors steer you through each step, clarifying eligibility requisites and ensuring that your documentation is thorough and precise. They expedite the application process, aiming to avoid mistakes and delays. Leveraging a robust understanding of UK immigration regulations, they deliver bespoke counsel to fit your specific case. Their expertise aims to simplify your application journey and bolster the likelihood of attaining your UK work authorization.

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