UK Secondment Worker Visa


This visa category caters to individuals whose overseas employers are sending them to the UK as part of a high-value contract with a UK organization, which has received approval from the Home Office. To qualify, one must have a year’s experience with their non-UK employer, a ‘certificate of sponsorship’ for a role that’s deemed eligible, and must adhere to the work restrictions in place. The stay is granted for up to 12 months (or per the certificate plus 14 days), with the possibility of extending it to a total of 2 years. Fees include a £298 application charge and healthcare surcharge, and family members may accompany the visa holder under certain conditions.


  • Current Employment: Applicants must be current staff of a non-UK company.
  • High-Value Contract Stipulation: The non-UK employer needs to be engaged in a high-value contract with a UK entity, sanctioned by the Home Office.
  • Prior Work Requirement: A minimum of 12 months’ employment with the overseas company is necessary.
  • Sponsorship Documentation: A detailed ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from the UK entity is essential.
  • Approved Role: The role in the UK must be among those listed as eligible.


  • Employment with Sponsor: You can take up employment as detailed in your sponsorship certificate.
  • Educational Pursuits: The visa permits involvement in studies or educational activities.
  • Family Inclusion: Partners and children can join you in the UK, subject to eligibility.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: You can undertake voluntary work during your stay.
  • Travel Rights: The visa holder can travel in and out of the UK while the visa is valid.

How long you can stay?

The Secondment Worker visa allows for a stay of 12 months from the start date on your sponsorship certificate, or for the duration specified on the certificate plus an additional 14 days. There is the option to extend this visa for another 12 months, not exceeding a cumulative 2-year period.

Processing time

The expected processing time for this visa is around 3 weeks for those applying from outside the UK, and around 8 weeks for applications submitted from within the UK. There might be expedited processing services for an additional charge.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

At Nexus Law Firm, we specialize in guiding clients through the complexities of acquiring a Secondment Worker visa. Our immigration consultants ensure that every aspect of your application meets the stringent criteria, with a comprehensive evaluation of your eligibility and meticulous preparation of your documentation. We provide tailored strategic advice to enhance the prospects of your application’s success. Understanding the intricacies of the UK’s immigration rules, we aim to simplify and expedite your visa application process, setting the stage for a smooth transition to your work assignment in the UK.

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