UK Seasonal Worker Visa


This UK visa caters to those 18 years and above, looking to take up seasonal employment in the agricultural sector, notably within horticulture for a six-month period or in poultry farming during the designated season from October 2nd to December 31st. To qualify, applicants must secure a sponsorship certificate from a UK entity and prove they have maintained at least £1,270 in their bank account for 28 days straight, ending within a month prior to their visa application. The certificate, which must be issued within three months prior to the application, should also verify that the sponsor is responsible for the worker’s financial sustainability if necessary. This visa supersedes the previous Temporary Worker – Seasonal Worker (T5) visa and decisions on applications are typically made within three weeks.


  • Age Requirement: Only individuals who are at least 18 at the time of application are eligible.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship: A valid sponsorship reference number from a registered UK sponsor is required, which should detail both the job role and the applicant’s details.
  • Financial Proof: Applicants must show proof of sufficient personal funds unless the sponsor confirms their commitment to support the applicant financially during the first month in the UK, to the tune of £1,270.
  • Employer’s Obligation: Employers are mandated to remunerate at the national minimum wage and comply with the working hours as per UK labor laws.


  • Seasonal Employment: Engage in temporary work in horticulture or poultry sectors for up to 6 months.
  • Sponsored Employment: Benefit from having a recognized UK sponsor to facilitate your stay and employment.
  • Financial Assurance: Meet the visa’s financial criteria and ensure you have adequate support funds for your stay.
  • Timing Flexibility: The opportunity to apply for horticulture roles is open throughout the year, providing job start flexibility.
  • Quick Decision Process: The visa determination is usually accomplished within three weeks.
  • Authorized Employment: The visa legally permits you to take up the job as specified in your sponsorship certificate.
  • Study Privileges: The visa conditions also allow you to undertake study activities, with specific courses possibly requiring an ATAS certificate.

How long you can stay?

  • Horticulture: Those in horticulture roles may reside in the UK for a duration of up to six months.
  • Poultry: Poultry workers have a specified employment window from October 18th to December 31st each year.

Processing time

Seasonal Worker visa processing is generally completed within three weeks once the application has been properly lodged, including identity verification and submission of the necessary documentation.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

Nexus Law Firm expertly facilitates the acquisition of the Seasonal Worker visa for the UK, providing thorough guidance from start to finish. The firm ensures eligibility requirements are comprehensively addressed, aids in obtaining sponsorship certificates, and helps applicants meet financial prerequisites. Their seasoned immigration specialists streamline the process, making certain that applications are meticulously prepared to avoid any potential setbacks. Additionally, they keep clients abreast of the latest immigration regulations, significantly boosting the likelihood of a favorable visa decision. With Nexus Law Firm, applicants can confidently navigate through the visa application journey, assuring a smoother path to engaging in seasonal work in the UK.

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