UK Overseas Domestic Worker Visa


This particular visa is for domestic workers who are 19 years of age or above and have been in their employer’s service for at least a year. It facilitates their entry into the UK, where they are to work full-time in the residence of their employer. This category of visa is fitting for those accompanying employers who are either UK citizens residing abroad or foreign nationals on a short-term visit to the UK. The visa’s validity spans up to six months, and holders are expected to be financially independent without access to public funds. It is non-extendable, tailored for brief visits, and has a standard application fee of £637. Processing usually takes up to three weeks.


  • Minimum Age Requirement: Candidates must be at least 19 years old.
  • Experience Prerequisite: A minimum of one year’s employment under the current employer is necessary.
  • Workplace Proviso: Your work location must be your employer’s residence or where they stay regularly.
  • Travel Arrangements: It is mandatory to accompany your employer, or their immediate family, to the UK.
  • Employment Objective: The intention to continue employment as a full-time domestic helper in the household of the employer in the UK is required.
  • Exit Strategy: Plans must be in place to depart the UK following the conclusion of the visa’s six-month duration.
  • Economic Independence: The ability to financially sustain oneself in the UK without government assistance is required.
  • The employer must be a British citizen typically based outside the UK and not planning a UK stay of over six months or a non-UK citizen on a temporary visit not exceeding six months.


  • Travel Flexibility: Visa holders are permitted to travel outside the UK and return to finish their designated stay.
  • Employment Transfer: There is a provision to change employers within the domestic worker domain in a private residence, provided the six-month visa term is not exceeded.

How long you can stay?

The Overseas Domestic Worker visa grants a stay of up to six months in the UK. This visa is not renewable and is strictly for those accompanying their employer on short-term visits. It is essential to plan for departure from the UK once the six months have elapsed, as the visa does not permit extensions. Should you wish to remain longer or for different reasons, alternative visa categories should be considered that better align with your circumstances.

Processing time

When applying from outside the UK, the Overseas Domestic Worker visa processing time is expected to be about three weeks. During this period, applicants should anticipate a decision on their visa status.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

At Nexus Law Firm, we are committed to aiding clients through the process of securing an Overseas Domestic Worker visa. Our legal consultancy specializes in navigating the complexities of UK immigration law, providing guidance on eligibility, document preparation, and ensuring the accuracy of your application. We focus on meeting all the requirements, such as the verification of employer status, proof of work experience, and confirmation of financial autonomy. Our services are designed to simplify the application process, minimizing the possibility of mistakes that could lead to visa denials. Our team of experts is continuously abreast of the latest immigration regulations, offering clients and their employers confidence and efficiency in obtaining their visa.

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