UK High Potential Individual Visa


This visa caters to individuals with a degree from a top global university within the last 5 years, offering a stay in the UK for 2 years, or 3 for those with a PhD or equivalent. It’s not renewable, but holders can transition to another visa category, like the Skilled Worker visa. The application is online, with processing times differing by applicant location. It allows work in various capacities, volunteer activities, and travel, but does not permit access to public funds, professional sportsperson roles, or direct routes to settlement. Education is possible provided it doesn’t qualify for a Student visa.


  • Educational Achievement: A qualification from a recognized university obtained in the past 5 years is necessary.
  • Age Restriction: No age limit is specified for HPI visa applicants.
  • Stay Duration: A standard 2-year residency is granted, extended to 3 years for those with doctoral-level qualifications.
  • Family Members: Partners and children may be included if they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Financial Evidence: Proof of sufficient funds to support oneself and any dependents is required.
  • Application Procedure: The online application process varies for applicants outside the UK versus those within the UK seeking to switch visas.


  • Employment Flexibility: You can seek and undertake most types of employment, including self-employment.
  • Family Living: Your eligible family members can live with you in the UK.
  • Volunteer Work: You are free to engage in volunteer work.
  • Travel Freedom: The visa permits leaving and returning to the UK during your stay.

How long you can stay

The HPI visa allows for a 2-year residency, or 3 years if you have a PhD or similar academic distinction. This visa isn’t extendable, but you can switch to another visa category to remain in the UK longer.

Route to settlement

Permanent residency isn’t a direct option with the HPI visa, which is intended for a temporary period of 2 or 3 years. For those desiring permanent settlement, other visas or routes must be pursued, which may include conditions and criteria for eligibility.

Processing time

Expect a 3-week processing time for applications submitted from outside the UK, and an 8-week timeframe for those applying from within the UK.

How we can help you?

Nexus Law Firm stands ready to assist with the High Potential Individual visa process. Their team of immigration experts delivers personalized advice, ensuring you understand and meet all requirements. They guide you in compiling necessary documentation and crafting a robust application, simplifying the process with attention to detail and adherence to immigration rules. Their financial planning assistance helps meet the proof of funds requirement. Engaging Nexus Law Firm enhances the likelihood of a favorable visa outcome, smoothing your transition to life in the UK for the duration of your visa. They offer solutions that demystify the visa application process and expedite your journey.

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