UK Graduate Trainee Visa

UK Graduate Trainee Visa (Global Business Mobility)

The UK Graduate Trainee Visa caters to employees of multinational companies looking to undertake specialist training or a managerial program in the UK branch of their employer. Candidates must come from Home Office-recognized firms and have a history of at least 3 months of overseas employment with the company. Essential requirements include holding a certificate of sponsorship for an eligible role, with the position meeting a specified minimum salary threshold. The visa’s validity aligns with the sponsorship certificate, extending up to 12 months, and is not renewable. Applicants may, however, apply anew from abroad. Dependents are permitted to accompany the visa holder, who is entitled to work, study, and volunteer. However, public funds are largely inaccessible, and employment is restricted to the sponsored role without the option for permanent residency.

Eligibility Criteria

For a UK Graduate Trainee Visa, one must:

  • Be currently employed by a company that is a recognized sponsor by the UK Home Office.
  • Possess a valid ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from their employer detailing the UK role.
  • Hold a position listed among the eligible occupations.
  • Earn at least the minimum required salary of £24,220 per annum.


Holders of the Graduate Trainee Visa are entitled to:

  • Undertake the job specified by their sponsor on the certificate of sponsorship.
    Pursue educational courses.
  • Have dependents accompany them, provided they meet eligibility.
  • Engage in volunteer work.
  • Travel internationally and return to the UK during the visa period.

Visa Duration

The UK Graduate Trainee Visa permits a stay as per the terms of the certificate of sponsorship, which includes an additional 14-day period, but cannot exceed 12 months in total. It does not offer an extension, but reapplication from outside the UK is possible.

Application Processing Timeline

The standard processing time for the UK Graduate Trainee Visa is approximately 3 weeks from the application date. For an additional charge, there may be an option for quicker processing. Appointment requirements and processing times can vary based on individual circumstances.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

Nexus Law Firm excels in facilitating the Graduate Trainee Visa application process for the UK. The firm’s immigration experts are adept at guiding applicants through the intricate eligibility and documentation procedures. They ensure that clients receive all necessary support in obtaining their ‘certificate of sponsorship’ and remain updated on any immigration policy adjustments. Nexus Law Firm’s thorough understanding of UK immigration regulations and proactive approach can streamline the visa application journey, enhancing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Their tailored support aims to make the application process as seamless and successful as possible.

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