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The Charity Worker Visa within the Temporary Work category is crafted for those aiming to partake in voluntary activities with a UK charity without remuneration. The application mandates a sponsorship certificate from a recognized UK charity and adherence to specific criteria, such as being at least 18 years of age. The visa duration aligns with the sponsorship certificate, extending up to 12 months plus 14 days, and permits part-time study and a secondary job within the same sector, capped at 20 hours weekly. However, it restricts any form of paid employment and access to public funds.


  • Certificate of Sponsorship: A prerequisite is the certificate of sponsorship reference number from a licensed UK sponsor detailing the role and personal specifics.
  • Financial Requirement: Applicants must prove financial stability with a minimum of £1,270 in savings, held for 28 consecutive days, with the 28th day within 31 days before applying, subject to certain conditions and exemptions.
  • Age Threshold: Applicants must have reached the age of 18 when applying.
  • Visa History: Exclusions apply to those who’ve previously had a Religious or Charity Worker visa in the last year, except if they’ve spent the interim period outside the UK.
  • Employment Law Adherence: The sponsoring employer must ensure that the role is in line with UK employment regulations to avoid application rejection.


  • Volunteering Opportunity: The visa offers a gateway to contribute to UK charities through unpaid work.
  • Authorized Work: Holders are legally authorized to engage in activities for the charity listed on their sponsorship certificate.
  • Educational Pursuits: Studying is allowed with certain restrictions, and some courses might necessitate an additional ATAS certificate.
  • Additional Employment: A secondary role in the relevant sector is permitted, provided it does not exceed 20 hours a week.
  • Family Inclusion: Partners and dependent children are allowed to join the visa holder in the UK.

How long you can stay?

The permitted duration under the Charity Worker visa is up to 12 months or the period stated on the sponsorship certificate plus 14 days, whichever is the shorter duration. Entry into the UK can occur up to 14 days before the job’s designated start date.

Processing time

Typically, the processing timeframe for this visa is around 3 weeks for applications submitted from outside the UK and 8 weeks for those within the UK. For additional fees, faster processing options may be accessible.

How we can help you?

Nexus Law Firm specializes in immigration assistance, providing end-to-end support for acquiring a Charity Worker visa. They offer detailed guidance on satisfying all the criteria, securing the sponsorship certificate, financial substantiation, and adhering to the UK’s employment laws. Their expert navigation through the application intricacies ensures a meticulous and prompt process. By engaging Nexus Law Firm’s services, applicants can anticipate a heightened probability of visa approval, allowing them to commence their charitable endeavors in the UK with assurance and clarity.

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