Intra-Company Migrant Visa

Intra-Company Migrant Visa

The Intra-Company Migrant Visa under the Isle of Man Worker ICT program facilitates the transfer of skilled employees by multinational companies from outside the EEA to their Isle of Man branches. This route is mainly utilized for training purposes or to fill specific job roles, offering a streamlined approach with certain unique benefits and exemptions.


  • To be eligible for this visa, applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • Employee Transfer: Applicants must be transferring from a company location outside the EEA.
  • Employment Confirmation: A valid Confirmation of Employment (CoE) from the Isle of Man branch is necessary to begin the visa application.


  • This visa category offers several advantages:
  • Exemption from Certain Requirements: Intra-Company Migrants are not required to meet the English language proficiency requirements or the Resident Labour Market Test.
  • Ideal for Training and Filling Roles: This pathway is advantageous for companies looking to train their international staff or fill specific roles within their Isle of Man branch.

Duration of Stay

Upon approval, this visa allows an initial stay of up to 3 years and 14 days, with the flexibility to start the stay up to 14 days prior to the job start date as per the CoE.

Processing Time

Processing times for this visa can vary. Applicants should consult the official Isle of Man immigration website for the most current processing information before applying.

Extend or Switch Visa

Holders of the Intra-Company Migrant Visa have the option to switch to the Worker Migrant visa category, as long as they fulfill all necessary criteria. It’s important to note that the time spent under the Intra-Company Migrant route does not count towards Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) eligibility, which only starts accruing from the date the Worker Migrant visa is issued.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

The Nexus Law Firm offers invaluable assistance in navigating the complexities of the Isle of Man Worker ICT route. Their expertise in immigration law is crucial for both employers and potential migrants, focusing on obtaining the required Confirmation of Employment and ensuring regulatory compliance. Whether you are an employer seeking to transfer global talent or an individual aiming to work in the Isle of Man, Nexus Law Firm provides essential support, streamlining the immigration process and opening doors to opportunities in this dynamic destination.

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