UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa

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The UK Spouse Visa is a crucial pathway for individuals seeking to join their British or settled partners in the UK. This immigration route emphasizes the commitment of couples to live together permanently in the UK. The application process involves demonstrating a genuine and subsisting relationship, fulfilling financial criteria, and providing evidence of suitable accommodation. Previous marriages must be legally dissolved, and language proficiency in English is mandatory. The visa initially grants 33 months, with subsequent extensions leading to eligibility for indefinite leave to remain after five years. The intricate financial requirements necessitate a comprehensive understanding of income sources, property ownership, and savings.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be legally married or in a civil partnership with a British citizen or settled person.
  • A genuine and subsisting relationship must be demonstrated, supported by evidence.
  • Proof of the termination of any previous marriages or civil partnerships is required.
  • Minimum gross annual income of £18,600, with additional criteria for dependent children.
  • Evidence of adequate and exclusive accommodation without reliance on public funds.


  • The UK Spouse Visa facilitates the reunion of families by allowing foreign spouses to join their British or settled partners.
  • Spouse Visa holders have full work rights in the UK, enabling them to contribute economically.
  • Access to the National Health Service (NHS) for medical care and services.
  • Access to educational institutions for further studies and skill development.
  • After five years, eligible for indefinite leave to remain, paving the way for potential British citizenship.
  • Special provisions for partners of HM Forces personnel.
  • Enjoy legal protections and rights equivalent to those of UK citizens.

Knowledge of English

  • Demonstrate English language proficiency at the required CEFR level A1 for entry clearance or A2 for further leave to remain.
  • Exemptions are available for those over 65, individuals with physical or mental disabilities hindering language proficiency, or in cases of exceptional circumstances.
  • English language proficiency can be proven through nationality, approved language tests, or academic qualifications meeting specified standards.

Duration of Stay

  • Successful applicants receive an initial Spouse Visa for 33 months (or 30 months if applying within the UK).
  • Apply for an extension before initial leave expires, granting an additional 30 months.

Route to the Settlement

  • After spending 5 years in the UK as a spouse, applicants may apply for indefinite leave to remain.
  • Indefinite leave to remain allows permanent residence in the UK.
  • British citizenship application becomes possible after obtaining indefinite leave to remain, typically requiring an additional 12-month waiting period for non-British spouses.

Processing Time

  • Spouse Visa applications submitted outside the UK: Typically processed in 60 working days.
  • Applications to switch into or extend as a spouse submitted from within the UK: Decided within 8 weeks.

How does Nexus Law firm cater to your legal needs?

Nexus Law Firm stands as your dedicated ally in navigating the complexities of the UK Spouse Visa process. Our expert immigration barristers specialize in ensuring your Spouse Visa application meets all stringent requirements. From meticulous document preparation, financial evidence guidance, to expertly handling the appeals process if needed, we provide comprehensive support. Our services extend to unique offerings, including immigration property inspection reports and Super Priority Service appointments. With Nexus Law Firm, you gain a trusted partner committed to securing your successful UK Spouse Visa journey, backed by a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to your legal needs.


01. What is a UK Spouse Visa?

A UK Spouse Visa allows individuals to join their British or settled partners in the UK. It is designed for married or unmarried partners in a genuine relationship.

02. How long is the initial validity of a Spouse Visa?

Initially, a Spouse Visa is granted for 33 months. An extension can be sought before its expiry, leading to a total of 5 years’ residency.

03. What are the financial requirements for a Spouse Visa?

The financial threshold is £18,600, with additional sums for dependent children. Various income sources or savings can contribute to meeting this requirement.

04. Are there language requirements for a Spouse Visa?

Yes, applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency. The required level increases from CEFR A1 for entry to A2 for further leave to remain.

05. Can I work in the UK on a Spouse Visa?

Yes, Spouse Visa holders have full working rights in the UK.

06. What happens after 5 years on a Spouse Visa?

After 5 years, individuals can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) if they meet residency, language, and other requirements.

07. How can Nexus Law Firm assist with Spouse Visa applications?

Nexus Law Firm provides comprehensive support, from document preparation to immigration property inspection reports, ensuring a smooth application process.

08. Can I appeal a Spouse Visa refusal?

Yes, Spouse Visa refusals have a right of appeal. Nexus Law Firm guides clients through the appeals process.

09. Are there alternative routes if I don't meet Spouse Visa criteria?

Depending on circumstances, individuals might explore human rights grounds, such as having a child in the UK or facing significant difficulties outside the UK.

10. Can Nexus Law Firm expedite Spouse Visa applications?

Yes, we offer Super Priority Service appointments for timely decisions, enhancing the efficiency of the application process.

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