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The UK Scale-up Worker visa targets talented individuals wishing to join rapidly expanding UK companies. Eligibility hinges on securing a job from a verified scale-up business, meeting a certain salary threshold, and demonstrating English language skills. Initially granted for two years, the visa can be extended and potentially paves the way for indefinite leave to remain after a five-year period. Accompanying dependents are welcome. Applications are processed online, typically taking 3-8 weeks to conclude. The visa holder is permitted considerable employment liberty, the chance to pursue studies, and travel, with specified limits on accessing public funds and involvement in sports coaching.


  • Confirmed Employment: A job offer for at least half a year from a recognized scale-up company is required, in a role that’s listed as eligible.
  • Sponsorship Certificate: An official ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from your employer is needed, detailing your UK job position.
  • Income Threshold: There’s a specified salary criterion to fulfill, which is set at a minimum of £34,600 annually as of April 11, 2023.
  • English Language Proficiency: Adequate English language ability must be shown, spanning reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension.
  • Work Commitment: A pledge to work in the sponsored role for no less than six months is necessary.
  • Verified Sponsor: Your hiring company must be sanctioned by the UK to sponsor Scale-up Workers.


  • Professional Growth: Engage in work with a certified scale-up business and gain experience in a thriving industry.
  • Job Flexibility: Post the initial six-month period, you can alter or terminate your employment without the need to inform the Home Office.
  • Academic Advancement: You’re free to partake in studies or academic pursuits while residing in the UK on this visa.
  • Family Inclusion: Eligible family members, such as your spouse, partner, and children, can reside with you in the UK.
  • Additional Employment: The option to undertake extra work or enter self-employment is available.
  • Community Service: Engaging in voluntary work within the community is allowed.
  • Travel Liberty: Leaving and returning to the UK is permitted throughout the validity of the visa.
  • Path to Settlement: After a period of five years, you could be eligible for indefinite leave to remain, securing permanent residence.

How long you can stay?

An initial two-year residency is allowed under the Scale-up Worker visa, with the possibility of further extension in three-year blocks, provided eligibility is maintained. Five years under this visa might lead to eligibility for indefinite leave to remain.

Processing time

Decision times for the Scale-up Worker visa can range but generally expect a turnaround of three weeks for applications made from abroad and eight weeks for those within the UK. There may be expedited services for an additional charge.

Route to settlement

Completing a five-year term with a Scale-up Worker visa could lead to an application for indefinite leave to remain, granting permanent residency rights. Applicants must adhere to ongoing employment and income conditions. Settled status unlocks the opportunity for long-term living in the UK, including access to public benefits if qualified.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

Nexus Law Firm excels in aiding prospects in obtaining the Scale-up Worker visa, offering seasoned advice and comprehensive application support. Our consultants are skilled in navigating UK immigration laws to meet all necessary requirements. We tailor our assistance to your situation, assist in document compilation, and streamline your application process. Our firm provides industry-specific insights to connect applicants with qualified scale-up firms. We focus on simplifying your visa journey, boosting your application’s success probability, and supporting your professional aspirations within the UK.

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