UK Service Supplier Visa


This visa pathway facilitates individuals who are employees of foreign companies or self-employed professionals abroad in delivering their services to a UK entity, provided there’s an existing international trade agreement in place. Applicants must showcase appropriate qualifications, possess a valid ‘certificate of sponsorship,’ and have a minimum of one year of professional experience. The visa tenure is contingent upon the specific trade agreement, typically six to twelve months, and is subject to a cumulative cap of 5 years in a 6-year span for time spent under certain visas. The application process and associated costs, including the healthcare surcharge and proof of financial sustainability, will vary depending on whether the applicant is outside or within the UK. This visa sets certain boundaries regarding changes in employment and claiming public funds.


Criteria for the Service Supplier visa include:

  • Employment Requirement: Be an overseas company employee or an independent professional from abroad.
  • Trade Agreement Compliance: Deliver services to a UK company under a trade agreement.
  • Job Suitability: Your role should be appropriate for the Service Supplier visa, buttressed by relevant qualifications and professional background.
  • Certificate of Sponsorship: Hold a valid ‘certificate of sponsorship’ from a UK sponsor detailing your role in the UK.
  • Professional Experience: Demonstrate a minimum of 12 months’ work with your employer internationally or possess equivalent professional experience for self-employed individuals.


  • Employment with Sponsor: Carry out the job outlined by your UK sponsor, meeting your contractual service obligations.
  • Educational Opportunities: While on a Service Supplier visa, you can engage in study programs across the UK.
  • Family Inclusion: Your dependents, including your partner and children, can reside with you in the UK, subject to meeting eligibility requirements.
  • Volunteer Work: You are permitted to undertake volunteer roles, contributing to the UK’s community and charitable sectors.
  • Travel Permissions: Freely travel in and out of the UK while your visa remains valid, allowing for ease of international movement.

How long you can stay?

Your permitted duration in the UK on a Service Supplier visa is dependent on the governing trade agreement, typically ranging from 6 to 12 months, with an extension of up to 14 days beyond the period stated in your certificate of sponsorship. The overall maximum period is either 6 or 12 months, in accordance with the terms of the trade agreement.

Processing time

Application processing for the Service Supplier visa fluctuates by applicant location. Applications from outside the UK are typically processed in about 3 weeks, while those applying within the UK can expect an 8-week processing timeframe. Expedited service may be an option for an additional charge, subject to your application jurisdiction.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

At Nexus Law Firm, our role in your Service Supplier visa application encompasses comprehensive support and guidance through the UK’s intricate immigration protocols, ensuring compliance and accuracy in your submission. We can evaluate your eligibility, meticulously prepare and assess your documentation, support with the sponsorship certificate, and offer continuous advice throughout your application journey. Staying abreast of evolving immigration rules, we aim to keep you well-informed and prepared. Our commitment is to bolster your prospects for a favorable visa outcome, facilitating a more streamlined and effective immigration experience.

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