UK Innovator Founder Visa


This visa category is tailored for individuals aiming to start and manage businesses that offer innovative solutions not yet available on the market, backed by an authorized institution. To be eligible, one must showcase a business idea that is original, feasible, scalable, and with potential for significant growth. The visa requires applicants to be over 18, proficient in English, and to have enough personal funds. It grants a stay of three years, with the possibility of extension and the prospect of permanent residency after three years. Family members are permitted to accompany the visa holder, and transitions from different visa categories are possible. The application involves financial scrutiny and biometric data submission, and a decision is typically made within eight weeks.


  • Unique Business Concept: Applicants must plan to start and lead a business venture in the UK that brings something new to the market.
  • Endorsement Requirement: An approved endorsing body must support the proposed business or idea.
  • Age Criteria: Only individuals 18 or older can apply.
  • Language Proficiency: Applicants must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend English effectively.
  • Financial Requirement: Adequate personal financial resources must be demonstrated to cover UK living expenses.
  • Capital for Business: Those launching new enterprises must show they have access to the required investment funds.
  • Current Visa Conditions: For those on a Student visa, one must have completed their sponsored course or been engaged in Ph.D. studies for a minimum of two years.


  • Business Ventures: This visa category offers the chance to bring innovative business ideas to the UK market.
  • Recognized Endorsement: Endorsement by a recognized body adds legitimacy and support to your business venture.
  • Initial Three-Year Duration: The visa is initially granted for three years, with the option to renew for further periods.
  • Family Reunion: Partners and children can join the principal visa holder in the UK, subject to eligibility.
  • Versatile Transition: This visa permits switching from different visa categories, provided the requirements are met.
  • Path to Indefinite Stay: Holders may seek permanent residency after a three-year residency in the UK.
  • Work Authorization: Visa holders can work within their business and may engage in other skilled work.
  • Travel Liberty: Recipients can travel and re-enter the UK while the visa is valid.

How long you can stay?

The Innovator Founder visa allows for a three-year residency in the UK upon initial approval. Extensions are possible for additional three-year increments without a maximum cap. Eligibility for permanent residency may become available after a three-year stay.

Processing time

Typically, the Innovator Founder visa application process can take as long as eight weeks. This timeframe may be subject to change due to the particulars of each case, like document verification needs or interview requirements. Some applicants may have the option for faster processing.

Route to settlement

The path to obtaining permanent residency under this visa category generally involves a continuous three-year stay in the UK while adhering to the conditions of the visa. After this period, one may qualify for “indefinite leave to remain.” This status grants the freedom to live and work in the UK without time constraints. Continuous compliance with visa regulations is essential, and staying informed with the latest immigration guidelines is recommended.

How Nexus Law Firm can help you?

Nexus Law Firm is equipped to provide extensive support in navigating the Innovator Founder visa application process. With a team of seasoned immigration advisors, they offer thorough guidance on aligning your innovative business plan with the stringent endorsement criteria. Their expertise is in delivering strategic counsel for a strong application, managing the endorsement procedure, and ensuring you meet the English language proficiency and financial requirements. The professional services of Nexus Law Firm aim to mitigate the risks of application refusal, promoting a smooth and expedited application journey. Their assistance is designed to boost your prospects of successfully securing the visa, thereby facilitating your entrepreneurial aspirations in the UK.

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